Dirty Teeth? Clean Them Up For Less Than Half The Cost!!!

Dirty Teeth?  Clean Them Up For Half The Cost!

Dirty Teeth? Clean Them Up For Less Than Half The Cost!

For years I have been getting my teeth whitened.  However, I have been going to the fancy salons that offer this service and costing me well over $100.00 for one session.  Those days are over!!  I was shopping one day at Bed Bath & Beyond and came upon an aisle selling all kinds of teeth whitening products.  I figured that I would try it out just to see if it worked.  I purchased the cheapest one I found because I figured that if it didn’t work then I really didn’t lose out a lot.  Anyhow, I bought these.. Harmon FaceValue Whitening Ultra Strips.  This is a 14 day package, however it does say that you will see results within 3 days.  And I must say, I absolutely saw immediate results from using this product.  It cost me $25.99 plus tax but it was certainly worth every penny and in the long run I am saving at least 3 times what I paid by not having to go to the fancy salons anymore.

Here are some things you may want to know about this product:

If you have calcium deposits on your teeth already, it will bring them out even more just like getting your teeth whitened in the salon. However, they do mostly go away once you wake up in the morning so it is probably best to do your whitening before you go to sleep.

They have a strong grip, so as long as you dry your teeth before you put them on they should not move around in your mouth, even if you are talking or drinking something (which I personally, wouldn’t recomment).

They say on the box that this will NOT effect your tooth enamel, we all know how important that is, especially because you can’t grow enamel back once its gone.

They do NOT hurt your teeth or gums as the salon whitening does.  Just 30 minutes, you take them off and brush your teeth and your done.

You must follow the directions on the box, do not leave them on for several hours and use them consistantly for the best results.

Well, that’s it for our first review.  I hope you’ll join us for more to come!!

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One thought on “Dirty Teeth? Clean Them Up For Less Than Half The Cost!!!

  1. Alice says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have been wanting to get my teeth whitened for a long time (I smoke) but I heard that it cost so much $ that I never tried it before. I’m gonna go and buy these this weekend.

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